The arrival of the iPad 2 brought front and rear cameras to the iPad and opened up a whole new world of apps which could take advantage of this technology. The quality of the cameras was not in the same league as the iPhone, but they are decent enough to be useful for learning and teaching purposes. The arrival of subsequent generation iPads has increased the quality of the cameras and the device is now capable of producing great quality video. Whilst even higher quality would be nice, (probably coming in future updates to the iPad), for those interested in learning, the process can be as important as the final product.

Apple again raises the bar for what an app can achieve - brilliant video editing for the iPad.

Pinnacle Studio (£5.49)

Worthy competitor to iMovie - has some great features iMovie lacks - more complex interface.

Celtx Shots (£1.49 + in app)

Sophisticated storyboarding app which has many features and extra functionality via in-app purchases.

VideoPix (£0.69)

Useful app which enables the creation of high quality still images taken from video footage.

Fun & clever video app that takes existing footage and creates an instant movie based on templates.

TimeLapse Camera HD (£0.69)

Simple and effective time lapse app which uses built-in cameras to capture footage - saves to camera roll.

Brilliant video app which brings old time effects to modern technology - great for history projects!

Motion Pictures (free)

Another really good time-lapse app with all the usual adjustment options - output to camera roll.

Fun yet sophisticated virtual reality app which shows off the potential of this technology.

Green Screen Studio (£1.99)

This brings chroma key (of sorts) to the iPad - works best with blue and good lighting - iPhone/Touch app.

GoodPlayer (£1.99)

Enables the iPad to play pretty much any video

in a variety of formats.

Morfo 3D Face Booth (£0.69)

3D face modeling app which creates videos - great for bringing historical characters to life.

VideoFX Live (free + in-app purchases)

Some great video effects in the free version with extra options via in-app purchases.

Action Movie FX (free + in-app)

Amazing augmented reality app which adds 3 dramatic effects to footage - extra FX for 69p.

SloPro (free/£2.49)

Enables creation of slow motion footage - upgrade allows send to camera roll & removes watermark.

VideoScribe HD (£2.99)

Innovative app for creating video animations with great results - slightly quirky interface.

Vimeo (free)

A number of schools and teachers prefer Vimeo over YouTube and this app allows access to the service.

I Can Present (£1.99)

Provides 2 windows on the screen - one for camera view & the other for a scrolling text of a script.

Making Movies Make Sense (£1.99)

Every school should have this app - excellent analysis of film making - a must for all media depts.

Video Rotate (free)

As the title suggests, rotates video in the Camera Roll through 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Video Swivel (free + in app)

Able to crop, rotate, zoom & change aspect ratio of video footage in the Camera Roll.

Tellagami Edu (£2.99)

Innovative avatar generating video app - great for making short stories or news reports.

Videoshop - video Editor (free + in app)

Not up to the same level and ease of use as iMovie but still capable of editing video footage.

Yakit (free)

Similar to Morfo Booth above but simpler interface which makes is suitable for younger children.


Movie360 (£2.99)

Very good ‘effects’ app which can add a lot of artistic options and creativity to film making.

YouTube (free)

Google’s replacement app for the one dropped by Apple in iOS 6 - iPhone/Touch app.

Vintagio (£1.49)

Really nice app in a similar vein to 8MM HD in that it offers some cool vintage effects for video footage.

Intro Thing (£1.49)

Brilliant video app that enables the creation of slick intros with titles, freeze frames and sound effects.

TubeBox (free)

App which allows the collation and downloading of videos on the YouTube site - works well.

Hollywood Camera (£0.69)

Fun app which uses Hollywood character costumes to superimpose on camera view.

PicPlayPost (£1.49)

Allows the creation of frames which can hold images and video to make a great visual montage effect.

Blux Movie HD (£1.99)

Useful app which adds a range of filters & effects when filming inc. split screen & pause - iPad 3+.

ToonCamera (£1.49)

There are plenty of cartoon-type apps for photos but this one will do video too with some good results.

vjay (£1.99)

Stunning music and video mashup app with excellent interface for blending two video sources.

Video in Video (£1.49)

Useful app for adding an extra video track to a movie creating a ‘picture in picture’ effect.

Green Screen Movie FX Studio (£1.99)

Possibly the best green screen/chroma key app for the iPad - works very well with good background.

Video Downloader Lite Super (free/£2.49)

Another app for saving YouTube vids - simple to use and works well - paid version loses ads.

Do Ink Green Screen (£1.99)

Currently (Spring 2014) for me this is the best green screen app for young children - works very well.