As the iPad is essentially a form of computer, number crunching and working with formulae are functions it can easily handle, so it is no surprise that there are many numeracy apps available on the App Store. There is still plenty of scope however for apps written specifically for teaching and learning purposes.

EZ 4 Calculator (£1.99)

Beautifully designed calculator which is simple in portrait mode and scientific in landscape - brilliant.

Sudoku Tablet (free)

There are many many sudoku apps out there but this free one is sufficient for most learning purposes.

Alien Kids Math Free (free/£1.49)

Simple and visual app to help with basic addition, subtraction and counting - paid version adds extras.

I Am Learning: KS2 Maths (£1.49)

Part of ‘I Am Learning’ range of apps from UK web based homework & revision site - also a GCSE app.

Mia’s Playground (free)

Great app for developing the classification and sorting skills of younger learners.

LUDO board game (free/£1.49)

Traditional board game for up to four players ported to the iPad - good for learning to count.

Math Magic (£0.69)

Simple maths game with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums - for young children.

Super 7 (£0.69)

Maths game based around the number 7 - visually strong with great graphics.

Numbers (£6.99 /free with a new iPad)

Spreadsheet designed for the iPad for those who need to do some serious number crunching.

Math Bingo (£0.69)

Maths game using bingo - answer addition, subtraction, division & multiplication sums to win.

Numulus (£0.69)

Fun maths app where you have to make calculations with coloured numbers to progress.

TallyPad (free)

Simple but useful app for counting and adding up scores - good for class polling and voting.

iMathmatics (free/£1.99)

Maths encyclopaedia with masses of number-based info on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

Ace Multiply Matrix HD (free/£1.19)

Engaging app which uses a wooden style checkerboard to test mental arithmetic.

Squeebles (£0.69)

Times table app meant for young learners - answer questions correctly to release more squeebles!

iFormulae (free)

Straightforward collection of mathematical formulae and equations with examples for KS3 and 4.

Quick Graph (free)

Powerful graphing calculator which produces 2D and 3D charts and models - KS 3 and 4.

Fraction Basics (free)

Set of video animations with synthesised voice over explaining all about fractions.

Fraction Monkeys (£0.69)

Explains fraction with the use of cute monkeys which need to be placed in the correct position along a line.

100’s Board (£1.49)

Versatile grid app which can be used for many maths exercises - could be fun in the classroom.

The Counting Game (£0.69)

Basic but fun counting app where you choose the number to be counted with and then face a quiz.

I Have (free)

Really engaging and slightly addictive mental maths app with 4 players.

neu.Calc (£0.69)

Comprehensive scientific and financial calculator app suitable for KS3 and above.

MATHsKOOL 1 (£1.99)

Set of six maths apps which give info and set questions for a range of abilities.

Digicubes (free)

Really useful app which has cubes that change colour depending on how many are linked together.

Eggs on Legs (£0.69)

Fun little maths game for younger learners which involves throwing a ball at an egg to reveal answers.

Bubbling Math (£1.49)

Another maths game aimed at younger learners which has some nice graphics - choice of difficulty.

Little Digits (£1.49)

Innovative maths app for younger children learning their numbers up to 10 - can record own voice.

Math Dictionary for Kids (£1.99)

Comprehensive collection of maths terms and concepts - has useful built-in notes function.

Geometry Test (£0.69)

Substantial app covering most if not all aspects of geometry organised into a set of questions & tests.

Pora Ora: Leapfrog (free+in-app)

Game based times table app which is challenging and engaging for younger learners.

Toca Store (£1.99)

Fun little ‘shopkeeper’ app where 2 children can role play buying products in a shop with a till & money.

MathBoard Addition (free/£0.69)

Simple addition quiz with a useful ‘working out’ area so children can show their work - upgrade loses ads.

Bugs and Numbers (£1.99)

Rich and immersive learning environment which is fun and will appeal to younger learners.

MyScript Calculator (free)

Impressive calculator which uses handwriting recognition for input of calculations.

Math Duel (£1.99)

Very well designed maths challenge app which allows 2 players to compete with each other.

Algebra Touch (£1.99)

Very well designed algebra app with great interface - suitable for upper KS2 and above.


Simple Math (free)

Maths quiz based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for young learners.

Pizza Fractions (free)

Simple and fun introduction to fractions using a pizza & its segments - suitable for primary schools.

Dotty Shapes for iPad (£1.99)

Pleasant and engaging number and alphabet games based on shapes.

Math Formulas (£0.69)

Reference set of over 100 maths formulas for secondary school students.

Animals Counting Writing game (free/£1.49)

Young children’s app for learning to spell and draw numbers.

Math Drills (free/£1.49)

App for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication & division - nice graphics.

Proportion Solver (free)

Useful app which helps solve proportion problems with a straightforward well-designed interface.

Jumbo Calculator (free)

A nice big full screen calculator which is free and has no ads - great for small hands.

PopMath Maths plus (£0.69)

Delightful young children’s app which uses floating bubbles (and sounds) to learn maths sums.

Algebra Touch Intro (free/£1.99)

App to take learners through the basics of algebra - free version has first five lessons.

Grid Guru (£0.69)

Interesting app which tackles long multiplication by splitting the sum into component parts via grids.

Mathemagics (£1.49)

App for learning and practicing mental maths inc. addition, multiplication, square numbers, division etc.

Math ref (free/£0.69)

Essentially a reference book with over 1400 formulas, tips and equations - KS 3, 4 and beyond.

Number Bonds (£1.99)

Numeracy app which has impressive (if elaborate) graphics which could keep learner engaged.

MathBlaster (£1.99)

Brilliant arcade game that involves solving maths problems in order to progress - primary level.

Trigonir (£1.49)

Visually engaging method of learning about trigonometry to very sophisticated level.

Virtual Manipulatives (free)

Another really useful app for 1 to 1 work with a learner trying to understand fractions & percentages.

Astro Math (free)

Simple arcade game based on prime numbers which could be fun and educational for younger learners.

Minds of Modern Mathematics (free)

Beautifully presented timeline of significant historical mathematical characters and events.

Fractions & Decimals Students’ App (free/£1.99)

Straightforward fractions app with some nice visual learning approaches - free version is limited.

NXTApp (£1.49)

Engaging maths game inc. add, subtract, multiply & divide sections using timed sessions.

Sing Your Times Tables with Percy Parker £1.49)

Cartoon and music animation based times table drill app - could be useful for some learners.

Mathletics Student (free)

App designed to integrate with the popular Mathletics web site.

What Time Is It Mr Wolf? (£0.69)

Fun learning to tell the time app with very nice graphics with plenty of options in the settings.

Motion Math - Fractions (£1.99)

Arcade style game with a bouncing ball which (via accelerometers) has to land on the correct fraction.

SGaBee’s Maths Facts Fun (£1.99)

Simple and engaging fun little maths game for very young learners.

Bugsy’s Math Quest (free)

Straightforward but engaging scrolling arcade game which involves solving simple maths problems.

Geometry Pad for Kids (free/£3.99)

Allows children to explore the characteristics and detail of geometric shapes on a workbook interface.

Bugs and Buttons (£1.99)

Brilliant app which I’ve put in Numeracy but actually cover many areas of learning for young children.